Rules for Exhibiting

Guidance for members who wish to exhibit prints in the Museum Gallery.
1. APG Exhibition Rules

a. Image must fit the given subject (unless none specified).
b. Original image and any post-editing must be the member’s own work
c. The image must have been captured within last 2 years (unless stated otherwise)
d. The same image cannot be used in more than one exhibition
e. Only restricted post-editing is allowed (eg using Photoshop, Lightroom, Picasa, etc.) - unless stated otherwise:

i. Exposure/lightening/darkening
ii. Cropping
iii. Sharpening
iv. Limited removal of blemishes, small distractions (eg. wires)

NOT ALLOWED: wholesale replacement of sections eg skies or inclusion of elements not in the original image. The merging of 2 or more images is not allowed except to poduce a composite HDR, Focus Stacked, or Panorama Stitched image.

f. Frame/Mat (Passe-partouts) and Image Sizes
i. Frames: 60cm x 50cm – standard sandwich design provided through the Museum
ii. Mats: strongly recommended but not essential – 60cmx50cm external dimension, with cut-out or cut-outs to match the size of image or images to be displayed. Can be any colour. You can buy mats of any size from the Museum or from photographic/craft shops, or you can make them yourself if you have the right materials and tools. It is customary for the bottom border of a mat to be wider than the top border, therefore an image which is to be hung in portrait mode will require a different mat from one that is to be hung in landscape mode – even if they have the same overall dimensions.
iii. Images: One or more images sized to fit within the borders of the standard 60cm x 50cm frame. A commonly used image size is A3 (42cm x 29.7cm). Frame fastenings are designed so that they can be hung landscape or portrait.

g. Image Submission & Hanging
i. Your intention to exhibit must be notified to the Chairperson by the due date (usually about 2 weeks before exhibition opening), together with the image title and whether it is to be hung portrait or landscape. One image will be accepted from each member initially, but you may be asked whether you want to submit a second one at a subsequent date if total numbers are down after the initial deadline has expired. Digital copies of all images to be displayed should be emailed to the webmaster for display on the APG website.
ii. Framed images must be made available in the gallery on the day before the exhibition opening. Each frame must contain your name on the back together with the title of the image (use masking tape). A team will be on hand to help with framing, and they will be responsible for hanging your print. You must remove any old prints/frames as they cannot be stored at the museum. Prints which do not comply with one or more of the exhibition rules will not be accepted for hanging.

h. Printing
i. You can print your image yourself, or ask someone else to print it, including commercial printers eg. Staples, Faro, SBC Computers, São Brás etc. NB: Tell the printer what size you want the finished print to be which should be slightly bigger than the cut-out in the mat you will be using. As the image displayed should be your own work, the printer should not edit it. If you need advice on editing prior to printing, you should ask an APG member for help.
ii. Ideally, display the printed image (or a selection of possible images) at home prior to submission to see if you still feel the same about it/them after a few days.