This is a list of Group events which have been scheduled for the next few months. Please note dates and activities can be subject to change, so you should always check your emails from the President for the latest information
===== EXHIBITION TITLES for the year 2019 =======

January --------- Patterns and symmetry.
March ----------- Trades.
May -------------- The Natural World.
July --------------- Frozen Movement.
September ---- At the beach.
November ----- Free choice. This is the only one where the two year limit does not apply, it can be of any age.


10th January @ Photo tips for the next exhibition: PATTERNS & SYMMETRY

24th January 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – “Patterns & Symmetry”

25th January – PATTERNS & SYMMETRY Exhibition

7th February – Field Trip to Faro

14th February - @ 14H00 – Critique: PATTERNS & SYMMETRY

28th February – Workshop – ADOBE and Photos from Faro Field Trip (7th Feb)

7th March – Field Trip – Cork Factory – São Brás

21st March – Workshop – “Know your camera”

28th March – 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – “Trades” (plumbers, electricians, builders, tilers etc) Exhibition

29th March – TRADES Exhibition

4th April - @ 14H00 – Critique: TRADES

30th May – 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – “The Natural World”

31st May – THE NATURAL WORLD Exhibition

25th July – 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – FROZEN MOVEMENT

26th July - FROZEN MOVEMENT Exhibition

26th September – 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – AT THE BEACH

27th September – AT THE BEACH Exhibition

28th November – 10H00 to 12H00 – Frame Change – FREE CHOICE

29th November – FREE CHOICE Exhibition