This is a list of Group events which have been scheduled for the next few months. Please note dates and activities can be subject to change, so you should always check your emails from the President for the latest information
===== EXHIBITION TITLES for the year 2020 =======

January --------- "Free Choice".
March ----------- "People/Person"
May -------------- "Landscapes"
July --------------- "Long Exposure"
September ---- "In Monochrome or Black and White"
November ---- " Free choice Algarve Only"


30th January ------ Frame Change "Free Choice Algarve Only"
31st January ----– "Free Choice Algarve Only" Exhibition

6th February ------ Critique "Free Choice Algarve Only"
13th February ----- Field trip "Storks"
27th February ----- Presentation "Life and times of Harry Davies"

19th March -------- Cancelled -- Workshop Beginners guide to wild life photography
26th March -------- Cancelled --Frame change "People/Person"
27th March – ----- Cancelled -- "People/Person" Exhibition

9th April ----------- Critique "People/Person"
23rd April --------- Workshop "Landscapes"

7th May ------------ Workshop "Macro/close ups"
21st May ----------- Workshop "Long Exposure"
28th May ---------- Frame change "Landscapes"
29th May –--------- "Landscapes" Exhibition

4th June ---------- Field trip "The Islands"
11th June -------- Critique "Landscapes"

4th July -------------Picnic/Buffet with quiz
30th July -----------Frame change "Long exposure"
31st July ---------- "Long exposure" Exhibition

August No activities

3rd September ----- Critique "Long Exposure"
12th September --- Field trip "Silhouettes, Reflections, Shadows"
24th September ---- Frame Change "Silhouettes, Reflections, Shadows"
25th September ---- "Silhouettes, Reflections, Shadows in Monochrome including Black and White" Exhibition.

1st October ---------- Critique "Silhouettes, Reflections, Shadows"
22nd October ------- AGM Meeting 19.00 - 21.00
?? October ----------- Trip away to Alentejo

26th November ----- Frame change "Free choice Algarve Only"
27th November ----- "Free Choice Algarve Only" Exhibition

3rd December ------ Critique Free Choice Algarve Only" Exhibition
10th December ----- Christmas Lunch